The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 91 Aftershow – Oh god there’s so much mucus

Episode 91 Aftershow When it comes to the concept of “enjoyment,” it’s sometimes a stretch for Ian. Unless we’re talking about cardigans, the new Harry Styles album, or making awful noises into the microphone and making Dave sort out the levels later. Dave enjoys far more: the fact that Ian wears cardigans EVERYWHERE, coffee, and even his air travel hacks.… Read more →

Episode 91-Dave Sees A Paradox, Ian Is Patient Zero, And Everyone Loves The Weiner. Weinermobile.

Episode 91-It puts a smile on your face. Even LEGITIMATE AUTOMOTIVE JOURNALISTS have weaknesses, and when one of us (cough, glares at IAN) succumbs the weapons-grade germs of a toddler, the inevitable happens. So, with that sniffly disclaimer, you’ll see that our metaphorical reverse lights are on, but we still plan on going forward. We push trough the piles of… Read more →


Episode 89-And he’s hiding out in the Mitsubishi booth storage area no less… Let’s sit down and make a list of all of the various topics that we love to talk about on this show. Okay, what do we have here: Technology Autonomous cars Infrastructure The cultural, ethical, and human impact of all three of those above items intersecting, overlapping,… Read more →