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The two idiots in audio form

121-Dave Sees A Strange Snack, Ian Is A Bad Car Parent, And We Give Leafy Advice

Episode 121-Proof Math shows up more than you’d think on our TeamClearCoat automotive podcast. Whether it’s Dave’s “Tetanus Math” or our “Sticker Proximity Index”, equations work their way into our lives and thus our cars. We constantly seek structure to justify the world we see with reason and logic, and on this week’s show we pull out all the stops.… Read more →

120-Ian Detests The Young, Dave Sees Some Shame Scars, And We Need Bail After Installing Coilovers On A Stranger’s Venza

Episode 120-The cookie the cookie…the beast We kick this episode off by Ian giving himself to Dave – in cookie form. In addition to Dave eating that cookie, Ian gives us insight into how that cookie reacts to suspicious reactions to said cookie’s jokes. Wait…who’s the cookie again? Anyway, we digress. In an interesting turn of events, Ian did detective… Read more →

118-Inhale Deeply And Step Into Our Man Van As We Discuss The Motor Trend Car Of The Year

Episode 118-Pssst… Hey there. Yes, you. Why not step into our man van, and we’ll show you our YouTube comments? We’ll teach you our superpowers: identifying cars by smell, and businesses by the cars in the parking lot. Also, we’ll rationalize the games we play to you, obsess over Cadillac tail lights, and also it’s Dave’s birthday. And it’s not… Read more →

116-Dave Is Thankful For Botching Repairs, Ian Is Thankful For Wooden Bowls, And We Figure Out How To Share Our Shameful Bits

Episode 116-Thankfully. We waddle right out of the gate by catching the proverbial drippings of Fiats in an instantaneous round of FMKCars. Given that food and cars are inseparable, at least on our show, a Thanksgiving discussion fits in as well as any of our other goofy topics, so come along as we discuss the worst way to eat potatoes… Read more →

114-Dave Has A Meltdown, Ian Identifies Issues, And Why Is Three?

Episode 114-WHY IS THREE??? Ian provides treats, Dave provides the airhorn bleats…since Ian’s whiskey mishap yields delicious Kits Kat. Because everyone loves it when someone eats on a podcast, right? This thankfully yields a positive result, not in mouth noises, but in FMKCars. On a more serious note, we discuss we discuss cultural differences between Silicon Valley and Detroit. As… Read more →

112-Dave Sees Blue, Ian Sees Green, And We Admire A Versa Owner

Episode 112-When life gives you a Versa… Normal service has resumed in the blanket fort, and that means we start right off with complaining about garish G-Wagen owners, examining the relationship between journalists and manufacturers, and wondering exactly what weapon a Porsche enthusiast would prefer. TeamClearCoat website AutoWerkz Blog TeamClearCoat Drivetribe TeamClearCoat YouTube Channel TeamClearCoat Instagram TeamClearCoat Twitter TeamClearCoat Facebook… Read more →