Episode 158-Ups and Downs There’s one thing that absolutely needs to be above the fold on this episode’s description: RIP BURT REYNOLDS In other news, we talk about some stuff we like and stuff we don’t. A motorcycle racer’s behavior? Bad. Kids racing pedal cars at the Goodwood Revival? Capital G Good. Also in this episode, we discuss some karting… Read more →

157-Ian Gets His Brain Tickled By A Nissan, Dave Displays Empathy For A Coal-based Misconception, And We Find A Vanity Plate That We Actually Like

Episode 157-Coal Rolls There’s some surprises in this episode of the TeamClearCoat Podcast. First, we discuss how much fun we had in Nissan’s hopped-up golf kart. After all, tire squeal plus car equals fun, no matter the propulsion system. Another surpirse was our affinity for a huge Subaru, this one really caught us off guard, but hey, if you can… Read more →

155-Ian Will Find Your Limited Edition LP Box Sets, Dave Turns Around On A Leopard, And Neither Of Us Are Bad2Bone

Episode 155-He’s like an bomb-sniffing dog for costly online purchases. When inviting Ian into your home, if there happens to be a limited edition LP boxed set, guess what? IAN GONNA FIND IT. If there was any attempt to hide it, you can bet it’s going to be found. On to the car topics! Listeners, let’s um…listen to Dave lament… Read more →

153-Ian Is Actually Proud Of Something He Did For Once, Dave Talks About His Lobes For A Day, And One Of Our Friends Sees A Dockers Of Slingshots

Episode One Five Three We’re still puzzled as to why someone would put a put a 3.7L badge on a Ford Mustang. What we’re not puzzled about is what WRX drivers adorn their cars with, especially when it’s such an OBVIOUS CLICHÉ that you’re walking into! We’re not mad, we’re really not. Ultimately, we’re just disappointed. It’s almost like the… Read more →