TeamClearCoat Is Now Apex Adjacent

New Look, Same Great Taste!


That’s right, your two favorite car idiots are rebranding! The show and sporadically-productive video crew you know as TeamClearCoat will now be known as Apex Adjacent. This here website will be live for a little while longer while we cut everything over, but then we’ll be redirecting you to 


Why did we feel the need to change the name after 4 years of serving literally dozens of people the car content they so dearly tolerated? Thanks for asking, straw man whose passive-aggressive tone I probably could have done without! When we started this show, we really didn’t know what it was or how far it would go. So, we just threw on a name that was an inside joke between us – our cars had the worst paint at a track day filled with nice cars. Now, 4 years later, we know exactly what the show is and isn’t, and we felt the name was holding us back a bit. We wanted a name and a logo that was more apparently about cars and driving, and also captured our “nearly there” aesthetic. 


And so Apex Adjacent was born. If you’ve already subscribed to us on iTunes or YouTube, the new content will just automatically start flowing without you having to change anything. You’ll just see our new name and artwork. Same for social media – none of those will change either. Thank you for listening and supporting us for so long – hopefully you all like the new look and name!


For more on what the show is all about, check out our brand-new “Episode 1” below! We love you.