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The two idiots in audio form

149-Ian Explores Dave’s Relationship, Dave Goes Down The Isuzu Rabbit Hole, And We Are TOTALLY ONBOARD THE KIMI CONSPIRACY, er, KIMSPIRACY

Episode 149-Kimspiracy Theories This week gets deep. Whether it’s a deep dive into the dark deep F1 state plot for Kimi to understeer into Lewis, or Dave finally learning how to spell Isuzu, the depths, we explore them. Buy stuff with our hashtag brand on it! TeamClearCoat website AutoWerkz Blog TeamClearCoat Drivetribe TeamClearCoat YouTube Channel TeamClearCoat Instagram TeamClearCoat Twitter TeamClearCoat… Read more →

147-Ian Receives A Sentence, Dave Gets Grossed Out By A Sticker, And Call The Hotline, We’ll Be There For You

Episode 147-Help is almost a call away. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear, versus what someone is actually saying. In this instance of “Ginger Hears What A Ginger Wants To Hear”, Dave takes the opportunity to make his own terms for the ultimatum laid out by sweet, innocent Ian. Needless to say, it’s easier to score points in… Read more →

145 – Ian Sees A Strange Car, Dave Sees A Weird Car, And It, Well…Dave, Puts The Lotion On the Seats Unless It Gets The Hose Again.

Episode 145-Zoom and enhance and regret instantly At first glance, a brown, angular, petite car careening down the highway seems a bit odd. Dave, arguably the Lotus Europa Special of this show, comes to the realization that what is weird at a distance compounds oddly upon closer inspection. When we look into the brown body panels of an old Lotus,… Read more →

143-Ian Almost Fesses Up, Dave Gets To Be The Fastest Passenger, And We Did A Thing That We’re Proud Of For Once!

Episode 143-We don’t mean to brag, we don’t mean to boast, but DAVE LIKES TOAST. Look, pride is not something we’re very familiar with here at the TeamClearCoat Podcast. I mean, we are proud of our persistence, our blanket fort construction abilities, and of each other. So maybe we just don’t like talking about it? Speaking of being proud of… Read more →

140-Ian Wants To Eat The Rich, Dave Can Finally Come To A Complete Stop, And We Remember the Chrysler ME FourTwelve

Episode 1400-Hotline Dingus Very few things make Ian rage as much as rich youths. Thankfully, because this is a car show, the angry man in his mid-thirties, yep, mid, (Dave wrote this description) channeled his energy into an FMKCars. Speaking of FMKCars, thanks Nick @radmobilegaming for sending in a great one, in which we were reminded of the fascinating Chrysler… Read more →