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The two idiots in written format.

I highly recommend: 1. Arranging your work day so you can do conference calls and lunch in between races at your local karting track. 2. Doing this often enough that the employees like you (read: take pity on you) enough to pull their best kart for you to try. You might end up smashing your personal best and cracking the top ten times ever on, like, a random Wednesday. #gokart #karting #twoidiots #racing #ImSweatyNow

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Know Your Automotive Phenomenon: Carstanza

From time to time on our show, we document things we observe as car enthusiasts. Often they’re things to which normal humans wouldn’t give a second thought, but torment us for some reason. “Carstanza” is my favorite example. When a car owner badges their car up (think Type R badges on a Civic DX), they’re committing themselves to a lie… Read more →