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We had a fantastic time with the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid this week in Estes Park at #RMDE17 ! We loaded up some great folks, made an ice cream run, shared road trip stories and had an awesome time. Stay tuned for the video of our trip! Thanks #Chrysler #FCA !!! We had a great time and loved the Pacifica Hybrid! #fiatchryslerautomobiles #pacifica #pacificahybrid #chryslerpacifica #chryslerpacificahybrid #estespark #estesparkcolorado #icecream #twoidiots

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The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 102 – We Wash The Reince Off Our Preibus

Full title: 102-We Discuss Our Nutritional Value, Plan Cross-Continent Drives, And Wash The Reince Off Our Preibus Well, we tried. We really did. We were totally just going to talk about cars this time. And we did okay – garage updates, autonomous car legislation, and our fantasy transcontinental drives are all decidedly “car topics.” But we just couldn’t stay away… Read more →

The TeamClearCoat Podcast Episode 100A-With Nathan Adlen, NATHAN ADLEN!!!

For the second part of our 100th episode celebration, we’re joined in the blanket fort by the always-delightful Nathan Adlen. In between teasing Ian about his license plate placement and wondering how Dave didn’t burst into flames during a recent off-roading adventure, he played FMKcars, asked us listener questions and explained exactly what an Oldsmobile is. Along the way, we… Read more →