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The Regional Auto Show: An Examination of the Soul

Sure, being invited to the media day for the 2018 Denver Auto Show meant we could learn all about the hot new crossovers, cupholder counts, and towing capacities. But what could we learn about *ourselves*? It is in this spirit of self-exploration and humility that we bring you this film. Well, those spirits as well as some that we hope… Read more →

I highly recommend: 1. Arranging your work day so you can do conference calls and lunch in between races at your local karting track. 2. Doing this often enough that the employees like you (read: take pity on you) enough to pull their best kart for you to try. You might end up smashing your personal best and cracking the top ten times ever on, like, a random Wednesday. #gokart #karting #twoidiots #racing #ImSweatyNow

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The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 139 – Ian is bad at Fantasy F1.

Full Title: 139-Ian Is Bad At Fantasy Sports, Dave Kicks Ian While He’s Down, And We Discuss A Phaeton. Again. Description: We’d like to credit our friend and listener, Eric, that correctly summarized the rare occurrence of Dave actually doing something other than nothing when it came to fantasy sports. Something something clock broken something twice something. Something like that.… Read more →