Author: TeamClearCoat

167-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Erica And Adrian, Awesome People And Hearse Owners!

Episode 167-It’s time to fix something. One hundred and sixty six episodes scattered across more than three years. That’s how long TeamClearCoat has been in this here podcast game and we’re just now FINALLY correcting a huge blind spot of ours, talking to people that daily drive hearses! WE KNOW! Man, this one really slapped us across the face and… Read more →

165-Our Wheels Come Off And We Yell Into The Void

Episode 165-Wheels? Who needs ’em? Like the proverbial abyss, so much bleakness surrounds the blanket fort this week. Let’s go to our happy place, let’s visit our island. Let’s think about dusty BMWs in used car lots, let’s think of the Lexus GS-F (and we’ll continue to do so for the rest of our times in this mortal hellscape), let’s… Read more →

164-TeamClearCoat Grieves The Loss Of A True Icon, Well At Least The Loss Of One Of Said Icon’s Specific Jobs. They’re Totally Fine.

Episode 164-Really, he’s fine. But we’re not. Grief has several stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Here at the TeamClearCoat podcast, we’ve pretty much perfected going though all of those, save for acceptance, so much so that it’s pretty routine at this point. Dusty Rusty, Ian’s oil pan(s), our general hopes and dreams, and so much more have… Read more →

162-Dave Stops Being Nice, Ian Defends His Position, And We Adopt Different Personas

Episode 162-Blue shell. Questions. We has them. Can karting be had without thinking of Mario-esque power-ups? Can Subarus be had without ambient lingering vape? Can a rental Home Depot van be driven without overalls appearing on your body? Which came first, the dent or the depleted health meter? Is it better to hear Buffet or inflict Buffet upon passers-by? Answers.… Read more →

160-Dave Gets Faster, Ian And His Saab Have A Very Interesting Relationship, And We Find Someone That Has It All Figured Out.

Episode 160 Booty N Pizza. What more can be said? What more could be desired out of life? Never have eleven letters said so much. Our admiration dials get turned to 11 on this show; normally a Mustang owner wouldn’t cause so much envy…but…Booty N Pizza. Speaking of things that make us happy, Dave detected that Ian may have needed… Read more →