Author: TeamClearCoat

153-Ian Is Actually Proud Of Something He Did For Once, Dave Talks About His Lobes For A Day, And One Of Our Friends Sees A Dockers Of Slingshots

Episode One Five Three We’re still puzzled as to why someone would put a put a 3.7L badge on a Ford Mustang. What we’re not puzzled about is what WRX drivers adorn their cars with, especially when it’s such an OBVIOUS CLICHÉ that you’re walking into! We’re not mad, we’re really not. Ultimately, we’re just disappointed. It’s almost like the… Read more →

152-Dave Fails, Ian Wins, And We Could Be Royals!

Episode 152-Royals! Humility. Denial. When it comes to Ian’s karting abilities, our resident racer (the better and less-sunburned of the two at least) seems to be in a Schrodinger-esque superstate composed of the two where he is both humble and in a state of denial about his talent. Well guess who comes crashing through the cat box to boldly declare… Read more →

151-Ian Is Still Not Good At Fantasy F1, Dave Rests On His Smug Laurels, And We Look And Listen To The Stuff You Monsters Sent Us

Episode 151-The taste of victory Ah the refreshing flavor of victory. Dave doesn’t get to taste it often, or seemingly care to, but when he gets his pasty ginger lips on the sweet chalice of triumph, he certainly doesn’t hesitate to gloat about it. While Dave’s victory is technically not impressive, or impressive at all, we are truly impressed by… Read more →

149-Ian Explores Dave’s Relationship, Dave Goes Down The Isuzu Rabbit Hole, And We Are TOTALLY ONBOARD THE KIMI CONSPIRACY, er, KIMSPIRACY

Episode 149-Kimspiracy Theories This week gets deep. Whether it’s a deep dive into the dark deep F1 state plot for Kimi to understeer into Lewis, or Dave finally learning how to spell Isuzu, the depths, we explore them. Buy stuff with our hashtag brand on it! TeamClearCoat website AutoWerkz Blog TeamClearCoat Drivetribe TeamClearCoat YouTube Channel TeamClearCoat Instagram TeamClearCoat Twitter TeamClearCoat… Read more →

147-Ian Receives A Sentence, Dave Gets Grossed Out By A Sticker, And Call The Hotline, We’ll Be There For You

Episode 147-Help is almost a call away. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear, versus what someone is actually saying. In this instance of “Ginger Hears What A Ginger Wants To Hear”, Dave takes the opportunity to make his own terms for the ultimatum laid out by sweet, innocent Ian. Needless to say, it’s easier to score points in… Read more →

145 – Ian Sees A Strange Car, Dave Sees A Weird Car, And It, Well…Dave, Puts The Lotion On the Seats Unless It Gets The Hose Again.

Episode 145-Zoom and enhance and regret instantly At first glance, a brown, angular, petite car careening down the highway seems a bit odd. Dave, arguably the Lotus Europa Special of this show, comes to the realization that what is weird at a distance compounds oddly upon closer inspection. When we look into the brown body panels of an old Lotus,… Read more →