Author: TeamClearCoat

140-Ian Wants To Eat The Rich, Dave Can Finally Come To A Complete Stop, And We Remember the Chrysler ME FourTwelve

Episode 1400-Hotline Dingus Very few things make Ian rage as much as rich youths. Thankfully, because this is a car show, the angry man in his mid-thirties, yep, mid, (Dave wrote this description) channeled his energy into an FMKCars. Speaking of FMKCars, thanks Nick @radmobilegaming for sending in a great one, in which we were reminded of the fascinating Chrysler… Read more →

139-Ian Is Bad At Fantasy Sports, Dave Kicks Ian While He’s Down, And We Discuss A Phaeton. Again.

Episode 139-He’s bad. We’d like to credit our friend and listener, Eric, that correctly summarized the rare occurrence of Dave actually doing something other than nothing when it came to fantasy sports. Something something clock broken something twice something. Something like that. Something indeed. They say you can’t win them all, but would it be equally true to say that… Read more →

137-Ian Doesn’t Know How Numbers Work, Dave Exposes Himself And The Fears Of Others, And We Put Out Piping Hot Hashtag Content

Episode 137-Content is so hot right now. We’ve talked before about how being in our orbit kind of wobbles the orbit of people around us, and in this episode we continue to discuss the impact of calling out what we see on the street. In addition to Ian refusing to recognize how integers work, we reminisce on car brands from… Read more →

134-Dave Takes The Fantasy Out Of Sports, Ian Points And Laughs At Dave, And We Go Karting In The Great Outdoors!

Episode 134-Bad at sports, even in a fantasy world. “When in doubt, throttle it out.” Classic words to live by. In this episode, we enter our own creation into the lexicon of legendary automotive adages. Inhale. Here goes: “Don’t look at me like I’m the one that put the TRD stickers on the Jeep Grand Cherokee door handles!” Boom. Nailed… Read more →

133-Ian Gets Hit, Dave Gets A Gift, And We Don’t Look Back. Because We Can’t.

Episode 133 – Seriously, it’s like looking through a child’s Batman mask. Ian discusses something that we’ve all known for a long time, but we’ve never quite articulated it like this before: Just because something is awful doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun or that we wouldn’t do it again. People, we present the rental spec Dodge Challenger R/T. Just… Read more →

132-Dave Kisses Dusty Goodbye, Ian Keeps His Shoes On Because He’s Not A Monster, And We Rehash The Carstanza Hashtag

Episode 132-Goodbye. Hello. Coming home. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting back into your car after a long trip. You kiss your fingers, touch the headliner, and pray that it starts. It’s refreshing being back on home turf, and in this episode, we discuss that feeling. Speaking of turf, there is a little matter that needs discussing; what… Read more →

131-Ian Finds A New Version Of The X6 To Hate Even More, Dave Numbs A Coworker, And We Spread The Rage Of Calling Out Carstanzas

Episode 131-Irrational Rationale. There’s a saying: “Don’t yuck someone else’s yum”. Sure, sounds good (and a touch gross) in theory, we get it. If you’re into putting car eyelashes on your Pontiac Grand Am, then you do you. When you dig into that statement, REALLY dig into it, you start to notice it’s a sliding scale. On one end is… Read more →