Author: TeamClearCoat

The 2018 Subaru BRZ tS Is Just Silly Enough

If there’s one thing we enthusiasts would do well to remember, it’s that our hobby is, well, very silly. Spending good time and money to make your car marginally faster/taller/louder/better looking/lower is an objectively silly pursuit. Manufacturers, too, can forget that this is all supposed to be fun, especially when they come out with a performance variant of a car.… Read more →

180-Dave Drives Cars On Ice, Ian Longs To Drive A Maserati, And You Should Probably Not Run Over Stoplights Or Hit Strangers With Grocery Carts

Episode 180-The end of civilization will absolutely start inside a Whole Foods. Ah Whole Foods, so foods many wholes, and this week’s show starts off with Dave telling us about the insane entitlement of one specific patron. Yep, we’re a car show, yet here we are. Speaking of where we are, or where we were to be more precise, Dave… Read more →

176-Ian Gets Interrogated, Dave Gives An Intervention, And We Did A Thing Again!

Episode 176-Oh we talk about a Saab? Really? Much like procedural crime dramas, some elements of the TeamClearCoat Podcast can be formulaic, but satisfying nonetheless. One of these elements is the interventional and often times aggressive approach to blanket fort-based therapy. In this episode Dave finally reveals the full extent of his thoughts about his time behind the wheel of… Read more →

174-We Continue To Perpetuate The Circle Of Regifting With Our “Best-Of” 2018 Part 2

Episode 174-Regifting, via Podcast. It’s the holiday season and you know what that means: We phone it in! Our intrepid hosts are scattered about this great-ish nation of ours, two-fisting sugar cookies and using whiskey to cope with having to perform family IT duties. That doesn’t mean we didn’t have time to at least get you the regifted tube-socks equivalent… Read more →