Author: TeamClearCoat

193-Ian Somehow Thinks A Saab 9-7x Is A Good Idea, Dave Does Crash Analytics, And We Clean Out Ian’s Camera Roll

Episode 193-I mean, it’s just a Trailblazer. If you really want to get exactly what you want, it’s going to take some work. And money. Usually a fair amount of money. In this week’s episode we appreciate the individual that perfected the Buick station wagon. It took a lot of work, but the results are nothing short of stunning. We… Read more →

187-Ian Needs Support, Dave Needs Sleep, And We Interview Matt Pilgrim And Talk About The 2019 Denver Auto Show

Episode 187 This week in the blanket fort, Matt Pilgrim from does us the honor of sitting down to talk about automotive engineering, the Denver Auto Show, and wing mirrors, oh glorious wing mirrors! You’ll want to skip Ian and Dave’s normal BS and skip ahead to about 51:24 in the episode to drop in on Matt’s piece. Before… Read more →