Author: TeamClearCoat

198-The Carstanza That Broke Dave, And Reality

Episode 198-Worse than Freddy. Humble listeners, we want to give you a warning. Once you’ve seen the horrors that Dave presents in this episode, you will never be able to unsee them. They shall haunt your every waking moment, and intrude your dreams, WHICH IS A REAL THING THAT HAPPENED. Yep. Dave saw a carstanza so bad that he actually… Read more →

195-Dave And Ian Clean Out The Listener Mailbag And We Compare Cars To Limited Edition Meat Sandwiches

Episode 195-Thanks Jonny! This week Ian’s returned to Denver and we’re finally back in the blanket fort the way good baby Santa Jebus intended. In his absence, you goofballs sent us tons of great stuff. Sick burns. Cars on fire. Weird vanity plates. A fantastic FMKCars from our buddy Jonny. Couple that with some garage updates, and you’ve got your… Read more →

193-Ian Somehow Thinks A Saab 9-7x Is A Good Idea, Dave Does Crash Analytics, And We Clean Out Ian’s Camera Roll

Episode 193-I mean, it’s just a Trailblazer. If you really want to get exactly what you want, it’s going to take some work. And money. Usually a fair amount of money. In this week’s episode we appreciate the individual that perfected the Buick station wagon. It took a lot of work, but the results are nothing short of stunning. We… Read more →