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The two idiots in audio form

187-Ian Needs Support, Dave Needs Sleep, And We Interview Matt Pilgrim And Talk About The 2019 Denver Auto Show

Episode 187 This week in the blanket fort, Matt Pilgrim from does us the honor of sitting down to talk about automotive engineering, the Denver Auto Show, and wing mirrors, oh glorious wing mirrors! You’ll want to skip Ian and Dave’s normal BS and skip ahead to about 51:24 in the episode to drop in on Matt’s piece. Before… Read more →

182-Ian Gets Us Ready For The Next Time, Dave Sees Carcakes Evolved, And We Launched A Thing!

Episode 182-Yum. Tums. After three and a half years, we have forged quite the support structure between the two of us. We’re here to support one another, no matter what (or from which orifice) the issues may spring forth. Ian, in classic Eagle Scout fashion, gets us ready for the next time an unexpected too-old-leftover-pizza-induced event gets in the way… Read more →

180-Dave Drives Cars On Ice, Ian Longs To Drive A Maserati, And You Should Probably Not Run Over Stoplights Or Hit Strangers With Grocery Carts

Episode 180-The end of civilization will absolutely start inside a Whole Foods. Ah Whole Foods, so foods many wholes, and this week’s show starts off with Dave telling us about the insane entitlement of one specific patron. Yep, we’re a car show, yet here we are. Speaking of where we are, or where we were to be more precise, Dave… Read more →