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TeamClearCoat Podcast – 171 – Karting Below Zero – Dave and Ian Go Racing At Unser Centennial

Just because the elements of a specific activity don’t sound “good” certainly doesn’t mean that it won’t taste good. To illustrate this point, let’s bake a cake (hooray for metaphors!): Here’s our ingredients: Our intrepid podcast hosts, hapless as always. An outdoor karting facility. Winter in Colorado. Sub-freezing temperatures. Add in a dash of mechanical failure, sprinkle in some racing… Read more →

TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 167 – Erica and Adrian – Awesome People and Hearse Owners!

One hundred and sixty six episodes scattered across more than three years. That’s how long TeamClearCoat has been in this here podcast game and we’re just now FINALLY correcting a huge blind spot of ours, talking to people that daily drive hearses! WE KNOW! Man, this one really slapped us across the face and left a Rick-James-Unity-Ring-Esque imprint that simply… Read more →