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96-Ian Licks A Car, Dave Makes Ian Go Through The Three Stages Of Terror, And We Get To Drive Cars On And Off Of Roads!

Episode 96-We get it! Professional automotive journalists update: we got invited to a press event at a race track! And an offroading facility! No, we don’t know why either. But we do know that a Kia surprised the hell out of us, we “get” offroading now, and Ian’s going to need a minute after driving the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.… Read more →

95-Dave Gets A New Alter-Ego, Ian Walks Us Through The Safety Dance, And We Set Our Expectations Low.

Episode 95-Low. It’s critical in the blanket fort on this episode of TeamClearCoat. We talk about how we’d like to improve the Grand Tour season 2, how safe motorsports should really be, and Dave’s new alter-ego Mr. T. Affy. There are ring-pops. Oh god we’ve said too much. TeamClearCoat website TeamClearCoat Drivetribe TeamClearCoat YouTube Channel TeamClearCoat Instagram TeamClearCoat Twitter TeamClearCoat… Read more →

94-Dave Has A New Parking Lot Nemesis, Ian Wants To Yell At The Youths, And We Find A Happy Place

Episode 94-Blanket Fort dress code? Donald Duck. In daily life, you experience varying levels of comfort in inter-personal interactions, and we run the gamut this week. On the nice end of the spectrum, Dave finds the most innocent oasis of kindness in the roiling tempest of terribleness that is the modern Internet, Ian takes his toddler to Cars and Coffee… Read more →

93-Ian Races A Maserati At Watkins Glen, Dave Rides A Bicycle At Watkins Glen, And We End Up In Bed Together. Twice.

Episode 93-Doing it with my bro. Ummmmm… Right… Uhhhhhhh… Hmmmmm… Well, this is awkward: we have no prior experience or strategy for how to address success here at TeamClearCoat. So, it is with heavy hearts we must inform you our race weekend at Watkins Glen went very well. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated in this difficult time. Thank you,… Read more →

92-Dave Takes Off His Shirt, Ian Laughs And Coughs, And We Pack Our Fireproof Underoos

Episode 92-My Eyes! Is Dave stripping an example of him exerting his autonomy or is it basically an automated process at this point? Next question. What about members of the Twimp administration displaying willful ignorance, automation or autonomy? Us preparing for a race weekend? Automated? Not even close; our socks have autonomy and have escaped our suitcase. TeamClearCoat website TeamClearCoat… Read more →

91a-Ian Has A Confession…

Episode 91 Aftershow-It heads in more than One Direction. See what I did there? Sorry. When it comes to the concept of “enjoyment,” it’s sometimes a stretch for Ian. Unless we’re talking about cardigans, the new Harry Styles album, or making awful noises into the microphone and making Dave sort out the levels later. Dave enjoys far more: the fact… Read more →

91-Dave Sees A Paradox, Ian Is Patient Zero, And Everyone Loves The Weiner. Weinermobile. Right.

Episode 91-It puts a smile on your face. Even LEGITIMATE AUTOMOTIVE JOURNALISTS have weaknesses, and when one of us (cough, glares at IAN) succumbs the weapons-grade germs of a toddler, the inevitable happens. So, with that sniffly disclaimer, you’ll see that our metaphorical reverse lights are on, but we still plan on going forward. We push trough the piles of… Read more →


Episode 89-And he’s hiding out in the Mitsubishi booth storage area no less… Let’s sit down and make a list of all of the various topics that we love to talk about on this show. Okay, what do we have here: Technology Autonomous cars Infrastructure The cultural, ethical, and human impact of all three of those above items intersecting, overlapping,… Read more →