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The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 95 – Grand Tour And Safety

Episode 95-Low. It’s critical in the blanket fort on this episode of TeamClearCoat. We talk about how we’d like to improve the Grand Tour season 2, how safe motorsports should really be, and Dave’s new alter-ego Mr. T. Affy. There are ring-pops. Oh god we’ve said too much. — TeamClearCoat Website: — Subscribe on iTunes at — Watch… Read more →

TeamClearCoat Track Day – High Plains Raceway – April 2017 – Infiniti M45 and Volkswagen R32

Go ahead and put this one on mute, we don’t have any pithy commentary….yet. Here you’ll see Dave wafting his old man Infiniti M45 Sport sedan around the track, along with Ian crushing it in his MKIV R32. — TeamClearCoat Website: — Subscribe on iTunes at — Watch live at — TeamClearCoat Drivetribe — TeamClearCoat on… Read more →

The TeamClearCoat Podcast – Episode 92 – Where are my fireproof pants?

92-Dave Takes Off His Shirt, Ian Laughs And Coughs, And We Pack Our Fireproof Underoos Is Dave stripping an example of him exerting his autonomy or is it basically an automated process at this point? Next question. What about members of the Twimp administration displaying willful ignorance, automation or autonomy? Us preparing for a race weekend? Automated? Not even close;… Read more →

Maserati BiTurbo at Watkins Glen

This is a complete stint in a 1987 Maserati BiTurbo during the 2017 ChumpCar race at Watkins Glen. We’re as bad at remembering to turn on the video camera as I am at driving, so this is just the 2nd out of 4 stints that day. We ended up winning our class and finishing 19th overall! Read more →