166-We Manage To Not Screw Up An Interview With Peedah, And We Went Karting!

Episode 166-Peedah

Look, George Lucas did everything wrong with Phantom Menace. Thems just the facts folks. We don’t need to know the backstory to why there are now some weird space tariffs on bleep blorps from planet Bloopatron or whatever, we just want Yoda, those glowy sword things, and wars of star.

That said, finding out the backstory to something isn’t always a boring, tedious, awful task that you wait in line hours for to only fall asleep in a theater at midnight. Sometimes getting the backstory on something is fun! Really!

We present Peedah as evidence of such entertainment. Here’s a funny, nice guy that happened to have the misfortune of selling Dave a Viggen and now he’s stuck in the blanket fort. Let’s find out what went in to Viggen ownership and what this delightful individual is all about. Thanks Peedah!

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